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25-08-2008, 08:53 PM
Everybody who joins this site is a FREE member. However, the full features and potential , including get paid to post is unlocked when you become a PREMIUM member! It only costs $5.99 for a WHOLE year (thats only 3.50). Here are just SOME of the automatic fantastic upgrades available when you become a: PREMIUM member:

Blogs. Can Search, View your own, or other's Personal Blogs here!
Blogs. Can Post in your own and in other Blogs, leaving comments!
Ammo System. Access the Ammo system (http://mlmcore.com/showthread.php?p=36#post36) to allow Get Paid to Post, paying you for every post you make!
Referral System. Get an Excellent AMMO bonus for EVERY person you refer here!

Arcade. Access the arcade and spend your Ammo in there! Paid games result in Paid Jackpots!

Ammo Cashin. Withdraw your AMMO for real cash!
Ammo Lottery. Take part in a monthly Forum lottery!

Social Groups. Full Access to creating and joining in Social Groups!

Forums. Can View, download attachments and email other users!
Forums. Can see "edit" notices and use HTML in posts!
Forums. Can use Advanced Search options!
Posts. Can Edit and Delete your own posts!
Posts. Can Rate Threads and use the Forum Tag System!
Polls. Can Create & View Polls!
Private Message Storage. Has 100 PM space instead of only 5!
PMs. Can send 5 PMs to users at one time instead of only 1!
Calendar. Can Post Events in Calendar!
Users. Can View whos online!
Embed Videos. Link or embed Youtube or videos!

Member Profiles. Can View and Edit your own profile fully!
Member Profile. Can use Custom avatars instead of the forum ones!
Friends. Can use Buddy and Friends option!
Signatures. Enhanced to 3 full lines with Links available!
User Albums. Has access to Photographic albums!
Visitor messages. Can post your comments in other profiles!
and coming late in 2009....MLMcore sister site with FREE access to all PREMIUM members!

ALL this starting at only one payment of $3.49 for 6 months, $5.99 for 1 year or an excellent $9.99 for 2 whole years!! Upgrade to PREMIUM TODAY! (http://mlmcore.com/payments.php?)

20-08-2009, 11:51 PM
VERY EXCITING NEWS tonight MLMcore members!


It's almost a year since we started here and many of the premium member annual subscriptions are soon due. The benefits to being a PREMIUM member are listed above...but i have excellent news.

I've managed to LOWER the annual MLMcore PREMIUM subscription from $12 a year to ONLY $5.99 !! Thats a one off payment.

In fact, i've added 3 tiers for you to choose from. You can now UPGRADE instantly with full permissions choosing from :

$3.49 one off payment for 6 months PREMIUM access here! (OMG thats only 2.10 for a whole year!)
$5.99 one off payment for 1 years PREMIUM access here! (thats approx 3.60 for an entire year!)
$9.99 one off payment for an incredible 2 years PREMIUM access!! (Best value 5.45 for 2 whole years!)

This INSTANTLY makes MLMcore affordable to everybody. The PREMIUM members here on the forum are designated at the bottom of the forum in the "whos online "section in orange. The FREE members dont know what they're missing on yet, and are coloured BROWN.

I've done this to let everybody afford MLMcore and to provide as many excellent features as this forum can deliver for the least possible cost. A word of caution though. Cancelling a premium membership will see you lose the benefits listed above and you'll be locked out some areas of the forum, including some of the discussion!

C'mon FREE members...its time to see you upgraded here! Dont be brown...be orange! It's time to explore the AMMO system and get paid to post! Making it any cheaper would be criminal. lol. Of course, it's up to you and i'll never pressure any member here to upgrade. Payment is by Paypal and all revenue is used to enhance the site and work on other MLMcore sister sites (more about that later in the year!).

Existing Premium members are all currently on 1 years recurring subscription with most people due for renewal at end of August and all through September. If anybody wishes to change that setup, just email me or click on Premium Upgrade (http://www.mlmcore.com/payments.php?) at the top left close to your subscription renewal date.

New rates are in place already and your recurring payment will be automatic on the new rates. Anybody wishing to upgrade is taken care of by the site software and upgraded INSTANTLY with instant access. Thanks.

12-09-2009, 01:35 PM
I thought it was worth bumping this post back to the attention of the new members especially. With membership prices like these offering SO many upgraded features on this site...it really is a no brainer.

Have a look through the Green Writing on the first post in this thread and see if thats worth only 2.10 for 6 months!
Taking part earns you AMMO which can EASILY cover your subscription fee!

Anybody wishing to upgrade simply has to click "Premium upgrade" at the top left of the forum. Payment is by Paypal. Members are responsible for their own implementation, maintenance and cancellation of their subscriptions.

07-07-2010, 06:57 PM
I thought i'd post again about UPGRADES to PREMIUM MLMCORE member.

You can UPGRADE and unlock this full site for only $3.49 for 6 months!!
Thats just 2.25 for a full 6 months access! AMAZING value.

Look at the first post in this thread to see what that mesely 2.25 gets you!
Time all you FREE members upgraded! You're missing out on so much else here.:bigsmile:

To upgrade, simply click PREMIUM UPGRADE (http://mlmcore.com/payments.php?) which is the orange writing in the menu at the top left of this page. Paypal is accepted and your upgrade is instant. DONT forget...this gives you access to our AMMO system. GET PAID TO POST here!

With membership from only 2.25 for 6 months.....thats 1p a day!!

29-07-2010, 06:25 PM
Following the upgrade, i have archived this thread and posted the new PREMIUM membership details on the forum.