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21-02-2009, 12:55 PM

MLMCore has expanded again. As well as our fantastic forum and the recent launch of our Social Network, we now have more great news! Launched today (Sat 21st Feb), I'm inviting you now to join us at MLMcoredigg.com, our brand new "digg" style website!

Taking things one step on from our forum, MLMCoredigg (http://www.mlmcoredigg.com) allows multi informal discussion on any topic, is not actively policed, is FREE and even better allows users to rate the content of posts, still with the possibility of joining in! Take part, discuss ANYTHING...the news, promote your links, tell us what you're doing today, invite your friends! Its up to you!

To clarify, Mlmcore now has THREE sites:

http://mlmcore.net (for our New Social Network - don't forget about this. It has HUGE potential!)
http://mlmcore.com (for our existing Forum - now on better servers with no errors)
http://mlmcoredigg.com (A digg style website just for us!)

Go check it out and don't forget to spread the word! Our community is getting bigger all through 2009 in advance of promotion to a wider audience. Social networking will be MLMcore's "name of the game" in 2009.

21-02-2009, 03:40 PM
Thanks to everybody who has assisted me in a successful first day for www.mlmcoredigg.com (http://www.mlmcoredigg.com)

I've now added a permanent link at the top of this forum and vice versa back here.

To clarify something...www.mlmcoredigg.com (http://www.mlmcoredigg.com) is a RATING site. It works slightly differently from digg or similar sites. Users are invited to chat about ANYTHING and everything (think of it like facebook or twitter!) . You're allowed to promote there AND to simply post what you're doing etc.

EVERY article posted there is available to be rated positively or negatively (thumbs up or thumbs down). We call is "core it" or "diss it". EVERY article SHOULD be rated also. It's not worth having no opinon on something. All rating/votes are anonymous. Votes can only be given on each article once and cannot be changed.

Its simple...if the article is helpful or interesting or amusing....core it.
If you find it boring, not helpful or of no interest.....diss it.

A ranking system will quickly establish over the next few weeks and of course the site has HUGE potential to be SO much bigger. There are many categories to post in.

If you have any questions, just ask them here or over there.
www.mlmcoredigg.com (http://www.mlmcoredigg.com)

22-02-2009, 09:50 AM
By now i hope youre enjoying www.mlmcoredigg.com (http://www.mlmcoredigg.com) There are a few more things that enhance your experience at MLMCoredigg

You can add people as your "corepals" (friends). Simply click on Community > Users and click on somebodys name to view their profile. You can then click the last profile tab to add them as a corepal.
When you add people as corepals, their new articles will appear in "My Home" making it easier to follow them instead of searching through the articles.

Remember, ALL articles are there to be rated. You either like them or you dont. All articles should be rated, so they are ranked in order of interest. Dont worry about putting negative ratings. Not all stories or articles will be for everybody. e.g I dont like horses, and would rate that down, as i have no interest in them. Rating things "core it / diss it" are anonymous.

The Featured tab on the homepage shows all articles with a rating of 5 or more. As more people join MLMCoredigg, this target gets stretched, eg up to 10 etc. It therefore shows the articles which are attracting attention.

This is really "the latest articles" page. Its a collection of all the latest members articles in the order of last article published is shown first. It includes your corepals and everybody else!

The more your articles are rated, the higher in this list you will go. This shows the most popular articles in order of the best ones first (i.e the most votes). Well done to several forum members for appearing on that page already!

Talking About
The last main tab is "Talking about". This shows which discussions you have joined, or commented on. Remember, MLMcoredigg is ALL about participation. You can post about anything, what you had for lunch, what car you have, what annoyed you today or indeed anything else you think of! You can also promote anything in there too! This tab lists all the discussions you've recently had.

22-02-2009, 10:39 AM
Worth nothing too...

When you submit an article it automatically gets a "core it" from yourself, as it's your article. You cannot ever rate your own article again. Indeed, you can only ever rate everybody elses articles once.

Ernie is showing as having the top rated articles at the moment.

You may also have noticed a little "plus sign" below each article, which allows you to add the article to your "favourites".

At the end of each article you can see "Join Discussion" which lets you take part back and forth in the article discussion. Alternatively, if you just want to leave a short message, simply click "comments" at the bottom of the article.

29-07-2010, 03:41 PM
As MLMcore Forum has now upgraded to full CMS, the previous mlmcoredigg site is now closed.